[紹介元] FGOぐだぐだまとめ 【Fate】こやまひろかず先生の「#オタク人生最大」が運命すぎると話題に


Poem Fate Flame that has never been lit Is finally lit Only today in secret In my soul vacant. You, lying in white, Smiling in quiet, Audously bet In my fidelity ardent. All is rest In the mercy of fate That would carry us out Of the mortal gate.


In 1797, Persian King Agha Mohammad Khan ordered the execution of two servants for being too loud & disrespectful. Since it…




Heavily pregnant Taj Bibi prays for her fourth husband as the Afghan soldier sets off to battle the Taliban, hoping hi…

GfVip Mi fate un riassunto su ciò che si so detti Adua e Massimiliano scusate

Meeting you was fate, Becoming your friend was a choice , But falling in love with you I had no control over